What do we do?

We manage advertising stocks from the main media groups to exchange them for equity in scalable, high-growth companies. Media Digital Ventures offers start-ups a unique media advertising mix.
Investment expertise

Strong knowledge of the tech industry

Media expertise

What is Media for Equity?

Media for Equity (M4E) consists in helping start-ups grow by means of strong branding campaigns, obtaining start-ups’ equity in return. The M4E format offers a funding option to newly founded companies and to those going through the growth stage with a proven business model.  This helps start-ups achieve fast and sustainable growth, leveraging their leadership in the industry in which they operate, and increasing their possibilities to expand into international markets.
Start-ups with a scalable model

With a B2C or B2B2C model

Ramp-up for start-ups

Brand Recognition & Awareness

We take the company to the next league

Media for equity boosts the growth and KPIs and allows the creation of significant competitive advantage

Access to mass-media campaigns

Campaigns which, for start-ups on early stages, are too expensive and unattainable


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